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Upcoming Events

Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge – May 18-22 2016

Our club has participated for the past 2 years and will have a booth in the exhibit
hall for the 3rd year.  Please mark your calendars for this great event and stop
by our booth to see some beautiful photos that our members have done.

Please join us for this free program that is open to the public. 
This is not a library sponsored event.  Please see our website
for more information on our photography club:


FROM DEE MURPHY: I wanted to give you titles on two books I highly recom

mend toward being a professional photographer.  One is a yearly issue of Photographer's Market, published by the Reader's Digest Books (aslo available at library reference section).  One issue could be good for years and will give you many sources for your photos.  I want to add, ALWAYS make a contact first.  Do not send your work anywhere until you have assurance the publisher is interested and follow their guidelines carefully.
The second book I recommend is for selling an image to a client.  PRICING PHOTOGRAPHY, The Complete Guide to Assignment & Stock Prices.  This is by Michal Heron and David MacTavish.


If you have any field trip ideas, please contact Cindy. We are always looking for local, regional and national outing opportunities. None too small and none too big!

Tuesday night September 1, 2015, at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting,
the LeConte Photographic Society celebrated the end of their fifth year.  
Awards for the Best of the Best for club year 2014-15 were awarded to
members who achieved the best of their competition group.
 Considered the very best of each division were Ann  McMahon of the Beginners,
Karen Milligan of the Advanced and Arthur Hatcher in the Star Division.  
Once more the judges selected from these three top images and chose
the image of Arthur Hatcher as the very Best of the Best. 
Arthur was awarded an engraved trophy for this honor
and all first place winners were awarded Blue Ribbon Rosettes. 
Also awarded was the top image for this year’s Assignment Division,
deemed the Creative Award and this was given to
Maggie Gordon.


A Little mood music

      November  2015 Monthly Competition Winners

Beginners Division

1st Place - Wind Dance    Hawkins Rick

2nd Place - showing the way home    flenniken nancy

3rd Place - Mist in Trees    Joel Ownby

Advanced Division

1st Place -  Summer Flower    Trentham Pat

2nd Place - street scene    white kathy

3rd Place -Forbidden Path    Selena Ball

Star Division

  1st Place - Innocence    Trentham Lin

2nd Place - Elegant Dancer-    LarryMiller

3rd Place Mount Sterling morning    Trentham Lin

Assignment Division

1st Place - The Light Beneath The Porch    Larry Miller

2nd Place - Fort Walton Pier    Hatcher Arthur

3rd Place -  Feather    Flammang Christine


Each month we include an "assignment" in the competition that is in addition to the usual categories (Beginner, Advanced, Star).  The assignment category combines all experience levels into one competition with one first, second and third place prize awarded for the assignment. You must be a member of LCPS to compete.  Guests are always welcome to enjoy the entries and critiques. Assignments are great exercises for creativity

Great critique opportunity to grow as an artist


LeConte Photographic Society

2015-16 Assignments



Barns - previously commonplace they are now disappearing from the countryside - images can be anything “barn” related, whole barns, sides of barns, inside barns



Patterns, natural or manmade - patterns are everywhere, they can be straight lines, curved lines, circular lines - anything that repeats, the more unusual the better



Fall color - anything that demonstrates the colors of Fall leaves or flowers - landscapes, macro, leaves, color reflections, etc.



Tell a story - any subject which leads the viewer into the story



Shadows - natural or manmade where the primary subject is the shadow.  Not the shadowed side of a subject but the lack of light caused by a subject.


Monochrome - absence of individual colors, may be black and white and all the various tones including an overall single color such as sepia.



Silhouette - where the primary subject shows little or no light.



Night shots - images taken after sunset and before sunrise when the majority of the sun’s light is absent.  Can be any subject but it should be obvious that the image was taken at night with or without the assistance of artificial light.



Wildlife - any animal subject, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. where the animal is the primary subject.  Domestic animals, cats, dogs, etc. excluded.



Cloud formations - images produced by clouds.



Close up/macro - images where the subjects are smaller than the front of the lens.


  COMPETITION CATEGORIES (Participation open to member's only)
Members compete each month in either the Beginners Division, Advanced Division or Star Division (considered as professionals and the most experienced members of our club).  These categories allow competitions in both the Beginners and the Advanced Divisions to be more properly matched.
SENDING YOUR FILES: Please be aware that file size is not an issue any longer as we are using Lightroom for the projection software. 
PLEASE label the files correctly as follows: 
Division_Last Name_ First_ImageTitle_.jpeg

Ribbons are awarded to winners of each division in first, second and third place.  

Critiques are offered by the judges to suggest  improvement of one's images or confirmation of the qualities of the image.  Member's may request a critique AFTER the judges scores are tabulated or after the meeting. If you would like a critique or have a question after the meeting, please email

Club member, Karen Jones who won numerous awards at the recent salon of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge.

 Sevier County Digital Lunch Bunch meets on the Third Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm but the location varies.  E-mails are sent out ahead of time advising the location of the lunch.  If anyone is interested in joining us, please notify Rick. Please join us for lunch and casual conversation centered around photography and LeConte Photographic Society. Everyone is welcome! You may bring something for "show & tell", a camera question and your camera To contact him, call 865-456-8557

The second Wednesday of each month, Mr. Larry Perry heads up a group of local photographers who meet for a lunch.  This meeting is properly called  "The Digital Lunch Bunch".  Anyone with an interest in photography, or not, is welcome to join us. 

Meeting location is being reconsidered - if interested, you may get on Mr. Perry's "Larry's Notes" and be fully informed of all photographic events in our area.  Just send an e-mail and we'll take care of that
Field trip to the Eagle Foundation took place on September 15, 2012.  We had a wonderful time photographing all of the owls, falcons, eagles and other birds they care for.  Thank you to Barbara and staff for taking time with us and making it a great morning.
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